Friday, 17 November 2017

A Fair Old Clog - with Pink Feet

10:35 - 15:00

A really enjoyable 4 and half hours out and about today with my birding taking a bit of an upturn at last.

I went up the bridleway opposite our house and took a left to pass East View Farm and along past the other farms to emerge at the foot of Ned Hill.
A left here took me eventually past Mount Zion Church and down the Calderdale Way path to Brockholes.
A right past Brook House Farm and then up the path behind the Golf club Maintenance Buildings.
A good nosy about here then I retraced my steps to go towards the Golf Club House and a left up through the ferns to Ogden.
The usual(ish) route home over Soil Hill and along to the Raggalds competed a cracking outing.
Dry for the most part, with just some nuisance drizzle coming along at an awkward moment.


The path through the Bradshaw Farms rewarded me with a 
Cracking Little Owl and 3 Mistle Thrush.

The drizzle came along and while I was mid-way through putting the waterproof pants on a Skein of Pink Footed Geese appeared, way over Mixenden res > SW (ish).
With the pants half on and half off I managed to get a few distant shots.
I guessed at 40+ birds, later I had an enjoyable chat with NK. where he was of the same opinion, although his view was obscured by trees.

The picture, however, shows a good few more, C80 birds. 

A Kestrel was hereabouts a Mistle Thrush in trees and a Jay was on a stile on the 'Mixenden' path behind the Golf Buildings.

Lapwing were in good supply with 2 large flocks seen on the walk.

Ogden Water , on first glance, was it's usual self so I opted to eat my butties with a coffee in the visitors centre cafe.
The coffee is good, even coming from a machine and at £1 a good do on a cold day like today.
I enjoyed a chat with the 2 lady volunteers as I sat in the cafe 'warm as toast'.

Back to reality and Ogden Water had not perked up much during my absence just the usual small gulls with a couple of Lesser Black Backed sp.
A lone duck was miles off - a Mallard perhaps although the bill looks rather long?

The timing seems to be important at Ogden, late afternoon fairing a lot better than mid-afternoon.

Crossing Back Lane to go through the Outdoor Centre a Little Owl was on a wall.

A Pr. Bullfinch were hereabouts (my bogey bird).
I managed to get a photo of the Female bird - a rare thing for me.

Coal Lane was good to me as well with a very distant Stonechat on a field wall.

Raggalds Flood had one Black Headed Gull and 4 Snipe.
Here again - timing seems to affect the birds seen.

A really enjoyable day with interesting birds turning up frequently to keep the smile on my face.

OH! I forgot to mention yesterday that I'd been invited to a Fancy Dress party in Birmingham by my Brummie mate.
He rang to tell me to get dressed up - the theme was SPICE.

I though of dressing up as one of the spice girls but in the end opted for dressing as a Chilli Pepper - all reds and greens.

When I got to the party, everyone was dressed as astronauts!

The path to East View Farm

Common Gulls in flight (I think)

Above Brockholes



Lesser Black Backed & Common Gull

Mallard - most prob.

Some nice views from Soil Hill top - but not a lot else.
Although I was a bit tired when I got here.

Raggalds Flood Snipe

Raggalds Flood

And along the way ....

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Local Walk

12:45 - 15:15

A short afternoon stroll this aft. to Asa Nicholson's cafe, for a coffee and a bun, at Kelham on a cold but sunny day.

We went via Raggalds, Deep Lane, Squirrel Lane and Crag  Lane and home via the main road.

A Kestrel was over Roper Lane and Common Gulls were in the usual Bonnet fields.

D.W's Snipe were by the Raggalds Flood.

Difficult to say exactly how many birds were present possibly as many as 10 were there when we passed going, and three or so seen when we passed on the return leg.

The water looked to have receded between both visits! More rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so it should get a top-up.

Also here were the Lapwing flock, 60 or so, and a few small Gulls.

As we left the Lapwing flock were spooked and a number of small Corvids were taking an interest in a larger Corvid - a Raven.
Not sure if the Lapwing would be spooked by a Raven?

Later, going down Deep Lane a second Raven was seen(or possibly the first one seen again) and also here 3 Mistle Thrush feeding in a brown, grass less field.
A good few House Sparrows were on Squirrel Lane.

No sign of any Little Owls today - but I bet they are there!

I went to a retro clothes shop yesterday to get some 1970's kit for a fancy dress party that I have to go to.

The shop is owned by a Brummie - I love the Birmingham accent.

After choosing some Bell Bottomed trousers and some black chunky shoes with mega high heels, I spent a good bit of time looking for something else to complete my ensemble.

The shop owner approached, to offer advice (I thought).
"What about a Kipper Tie" she asked.
"Thanks - that's kind - milk and one sugar please" I replied.

The old (repeated) ones...

Snipe invisible to the naked eye from the roadside view point.

Sign of the times

Robin of the Day

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


We had a drive out to Ilkley today with a couple of friends.
The blokes (me and Ray) managed a short stroll while the bloke-esses (Sue and Tina) looked at the shops.

We had a very short nosy in the Ilkley cemetery just in case the Hawfinch was still knocking about.

A lady asked "Are you looking for that special bird - twitchers are you? Anyway, my friend, who is a serious birder tells me that the bird has flown".

The Hawfinch did not appear in our 15 mins or so walkabout.

We walked back to Ilkley along the river and then along the lane towards the Golf Club.

We did eyeball a few decent sp. but nothing mega-like.

Redwings and Fieldfare were flying about with a few Redwing in the trees near the Cemetery grounds.
A Jay here collecting Acorns.

2 F. Goosander were on the river Wharf.

A Heron was near the 'north-end' bridge by the chippy.

Lots of Mistle Thrush about and a Song Thrush.

Dark skies again, not much sun, making the photos poor.

Dark coming through Bradford 16:45