Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ogden - there and back

14:00 - 16:40 (dusk)

I kept to the roads today, with the snow still quite deep hereabouts.

The usual walk to Ogden today via The Raggalds and Percy Road. 
Back via Peat Pitts and Ingham Lane.

A pleasing outing with a few less common birds coming along to perk me up and an interesting find on Ogden Water.

2 Little Owl were seen on the way up to the Raggalds.
One bird , that was in a different location than normal, was a pleasing spot for me.

Raggalds Flood was frozen over and bereft of birds.

Percy Road had some picturesque views but not much bird life - not a lot happened 'till Ogden Lane.

The trees on the left along Ogden Lane were lively with birds.
Woodpigeon, Collard Dove, Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Goldfinch were here.
Also here, a lovely surprise in the shape of my first 2018 Treecreeper.
The dark tree canopy made photos awkward to get.

Nearing the prom a calling Nuthatch failed to materialise.
No sign of the Kingfisher down in the sluice but a Jay was kind enough to show up here.

Ogden Water had a good few Small Gulls and at least 3 Herring Gulls (I believe).

A real bonus in the shape of a really smart looking Drake Shelduck was out on the water.
Probably one of DJS's  two birds seen at Mixenden yesterday?

A boggy circuit of the water was a let down, with Goldcrest calling but not seen and not a lot else about.

As I went down past Boggart Brigg a Kestrel landed on a wire.
While I was taking a few photies, a larger bird gave the Kestrel some grief, before the bird  landed sideways-on on a telegraph pole - A Green Woodpecker.

On the way home, nearing Bradshaw School on Ingham Lane, a flock of 57 Fieldfare flew overhead - nice to see.

Some lovely late evening sunshine brought with it some interesting cloud colours.

Another excellent afternoon out and about.

Soil Hill comms mast

Sun reflecting off house below Roper Lane


Friday, 19 January 2018

Bradshaw - Soil Hill - Ogden - Bradshaw

10:25 - 13:15

Some more snow to shift this morning, but a big improvement on yesterday.
Another day of snow showers and some sunshine with the showers less frequent that yesterday, especially in the morning.

 It was great to get my walking boots on, after not getting out yesterday - sad or what?

Lots of snow covered fields meant that I did not expect to see much on the way to Soil Hill, but the scenery was pleasant.

I took a look for the Little Owl in 2 of it's favourite haunts and came up trumps seeing a Little Owl from Bradshaw Lane and the second Little Owl from Taylor Lane.

I've thought that I'd read somewhere they were Originally from Canada but they do not appear on the list of Canadian birds.
Searching t'internet they may be from Italy, anyway I didn't think they would be too bothered by a little bit of snow.

Soil Hill track and Ned Hill Track were both deep in snow so I kept to the road as I headed on to Ogden.

Very, very windy up here and the snow was drifting,blown about.

Just Corvids and a Collard Dove seen along the way,

Along Ogden Lane, Tits were on the very apex of conifers, calling to one another.

A few Greenfinch, Chaffinch and a pr. Collard Dove seen along the lane.

A circuit of the water did not produce much.
The path is ok on the west side but a quagmire along the east side.

A pleasant surprise awaited me at the NE intake pond, where a Dipper was feeding.

I guess Dippers will be nesting soon.

Lots of snow showers on the way home, making photography awkward.

A pretty Goldfinch charm were in a conifer as I approached Ingham Lane.

Bradshaw Park was very quiet.

Lots of wet clothing  to get dry, but an enjoyable few hours in the fresh air.

Taylor Lane

Drifting Snow

Soil Hill Main Track

Ned Hill Track

Snow flurry over Halifax

Ogden Water

Spot the Dipper

Carrion Crow

Or possibly a Rook?


Thursday, 18 January 2018


With constant show showers today I did not venture out.

To satisfy my curiosity I thought I'd compare the Illingworth Raven with some Raven photos I have from my Holiday on the Isle of Wight in July 2016.

Perhaps I'm 'Raven' as well!

Comparison between local Raven and Isle Of Wight Raven:-

Local Raven Above

Isle Of Wight Raven below.

I.O.W. 1.

I.O.W. 2.



I.O.W. 1

I.O.W. 2